Pilot Project of Mediation & Conciliation Committee


          The Mediation & Conciliation Committee has introduced a pilot project in tricities of Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula. The Committee convened a meeting on 19.1.2010 in which police chiefs of the three districts were called and after having deliberations and discussions, it was decided that the disputes pending in the women cell be referred to the Mediation Centre set up in the High Court or in the District Court. Positive results have been received and a large number of complainants or the accused  are approaching the Mediation Centres. They are requesting to call their cases from the women cells to the Mediation Centres for mediation. The experience of most of the mediators is that after taking the 40 hours mediation training they become more perfect human beings and started understanding human relations in a more effective manner. Similarly Mediation Training Course for the police officers/officials, who are working in women cell is also to be arranged. For this purpose, lists of officials/officers working in the women cells, have been invited.
The District & Sessions Judges of the Districts where Mediation & Conciliation Centres has been setup, have also been asked to impress upon police Chiefs to send appropriate cases to Mediation Centres for Mediation Purpose.

Incentives for Mediatiors

Get paid for every successful mediation case.

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