Incentives to Mediators


Incentives to Mediators: 

         In terms of recommendations of Mediation & Conciliation Committee, Hon'ble Rules Committee and Hon'ble Full Court has amended Rule 25(1) of Mediation & Conciliation Rules, 2003 as under:-
The remuneration/fee to be paid to the mediator shall be ` 10,000/- for each successful mediation and ` 3000/- for each failed mediation.”
The Court may, however, in its discretion fix a higher fee in either case.”
           The Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Committee has further decided that the Advocate-Mediators working in the District Mediation Centres in the States of Punjab, Haryana and District Courts, Chandigarh, be paid honorarium @ `2500/- per successful Mediation.
In order to encourage Judicial Officers, the Punjab & Haryana High Court has decided that where a case successfully ends in Mediation and the Mediator is a Judicial Officer, he shall earn half of the Units/Points prescribed for disposal of that case and the remaining half units shall be credited to the account of Referral Court.


Incentives for Mediatiors

Get paid for every successful mediation case.

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