Awareness Programmes

The Mediation & Conciliation Committee of Punjab and Haryana High Court conducted a series of Awareness Programmes on Mediation from time to time.
Talk Show on All India Radio
          On 10.03.2010, a Talk Show Programme was arranged by Chandigarh Station of All India Radio in which Hon'ble Chairman and the Members of the Committee participated.
Awareness through TV Programme
          On 22.05.2010 the Hon'ble Chairman and the Members participated in a TV Programme on the local channel of Punjab & Haryana namely PTC (News).  The PTC News Channel in a programme 'Chandigarh Speaks' telecast the programme in two phases firstly on 1st June, 2010 at 10 p.m. and secondly on 8th June, 2010 at 10 p.m. Probably it was first time in the history of India that three sitting Judges of a High Court appeared on such a  T.V. Programme.
          On 11.12.2013, Hon'ble the then Chief Justice and Hon'ble Mr.Justice Mahesh Grover, the then Chairman of Mediation & Conciliation Committee again participated in a TV Programme 'Chandigarh Speaks'  on PTC News Channel. The Advocate-Mediators and litigant parties, whose cases were settled, also participated in the TV Programme. The aforesaid programme was telecast by PTC Channel on 20.12.2013, 21.12.2013 at 5.30 PM  and on 22.12.2013 at 2.00 PM.
Awareness through Newspapers
          Two Newspapers i.e. 'Amar Ujala' and 'Hindustan Times” also highlighted the efforts being made by the Mediation & Conciliation Committee and the benefits of Mediation & Conciliation Programmes in their issues dated 20.7.2011 and 1.8.2011 respectively.

Awareness Programme on Mediation on 22nd & 23rd February, 2014 and on 18th February, 2017.
Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Committee of this Court, under the aegis of Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), Supreme Court of India, organized an Awareness Programme on Mediation on 22nd & 23rd February, 2014 in the Auditorium of this Court, which was conducted by the Trainers deputed by Hon'ble MCPC, Supreme Court of India.
Thereafter, one more awareness programme on Mediation was organized for the advocates of this court on 18th February, 2017, which was conducted by 4 MCPC Trained Trainer of this Court namely Ms.Reeta Kohli, Ms.Puneeta Sethi, Mr.Dhiraj Chawla and Mr.Sachin Jain.
Awareness about Mediation through FM Radio
To generate awareness about Mediation amongst the general public, Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Committee of this Court got prepared special jingles/advertisements in Hindi and Punjabi Languages. These jingles were aired from time to time on the different radio Stations and on different dates as under:-

Sr. No.

Radio Station



92.7 Big FM

19.02.2014 to 18.04.2014


92.7 Big FM

24.09.2014 to 22.11.2014


92.7 Big FM

17.01.2015 to 18.03.2015


107.2 FM (All India Radio)

31.01.2015 to 31.03.2015.


94.3 My FM

05.09.2015 to 04.11.2015.


92.7 Big FM

26.11.2015 to 27.01.2016.


92.7 Big FM

21.09.2016 to 19.11.2016


94.3 My FM

01.12.2016 to 03.02.2017


92.7 Big FM

01.03.2017 to 30.03.2017


94.3 My FM

01.03.2017 to 30.03.2017

Interview of Hon'ble Chairman, Mediation & Conciliation Committee on FM Radios.
During all these campaigns on 92.7 Big FM, 94.3 My FM and 107.2 All India Radio, an Interactive Session was held with Hon'ble Chairman, Mediation & Conciliation Committee of this Court and recorded interview was aired, in which, Hon'ble Chairman, shared his views regarding the concept of Meidation and Pre-Litigation Mediation.
Advertisements on PVR Cinemas in Chandigarh
To promote the concept of pre-litigation Mediation, the Committee resolved to give wide publicity on Mediation website/High Court website and through print material/electronic media etc.
Accordingly, animated material was got prepared on Mediation and Pre-litigation Mediation and displayed on the 12 screens (4 screens of Centra Mall and 8 screens of Elante Mall) for 28 days from 23.01.2015 to 19.02.2015 and from 18.03.2016 to 14.04.2016.
Awareness Programme for the Law students of Universities and Law Institutes.
Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Committee, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh organized Awareness Programmes on Mediation for the law students of University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh on 26th &  27th September, 2014, in Army Institute of Law, Mohali on 31st October & 1st November, 2014, in Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala on 22nd November, 2014 and in Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh on 21st March, 2015, and in University School of Law, Rayat Bahra University, Kharar, Mohali on 18th March, 2017, to create awareness about Mediation.
Awareness Film on Mediation
Hon'ble Mediation & Conciliation Committee got prepared an Awareness film on Mediation “Aao Raah Aasaan Karein”, which was released by Hon'ble Mr.Justice Madan B.Lokur, Member, Mediation & Conciliation Project Committee, Supreme Court of India in the Inaugural Session of Regional Conference on Mediation on 22nd August, 2015.

         “For details regarding Mediation & Conciliation Centres of Punjab, Haryana and U.T, Chandigarh, please see Websites of State Legal Services Authorities of Punjab Haryana and U.T., Chandigarh”


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